fire main (standpipe) water


Optimising Fire Main (Standpipe) Water Storage

When engineering the firefighting mains and providing adequate water storage in a high-rise building, how much water is adequate? The  Building Regulations part B in the UK suggest that the same quantity of  firefighting water should be provided for a residential tower as in an  open-plan office tower, even though the compartment sizes and fire loads  are widely different. In both occupancy types there is no compensations  allowed where sprinklers are provided. Should we allow enough water for  multiple floors of fire involvement or do we simply design for one  floor and one fire resisting compartment?  

EuroFirefighter 2 looks at these issues and offers some solutions to the Fire Engineer!  

Performance based Fire Main Standpipes in Tall Buildings

Open-plan office space in high-rise buildings demands sprinkler  protection and additional major water storage provisions for the fire  mains. A new risk-based approach in ensuring adequate firefighting water  is available is detailed in the recently released 'EuroFirefighter 2'- a fire engineering and fire commander's manual. Based on the performance based approach detailed in PD 7974-5-2014,  further compensations may be available for the additional protection  that well managed sprinkler systems provide. The  author of 7974-5 (fire service intervention water provisions) brings  you the source data and methodology provided in the published document. 

Data on adequate firefighting water from 5,000 fires