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Firefighting in London's Busiest Stations


Both EuroFirefighter 1 and 2 books provide case histories, first hand experiences and details of firefighting in the LFB as far back as 1971

Compartment Fire Training from Sweden


Dating right back to 1984 when Sweden first introduced their compartment firefighting tactics and training to the UK, the history and background, as well as the effectiveness at real fires is discussed in both books

Firefighting Tactics from the FDNY


Firefighting tactics and experiences from the FDNY, dating back as far as the 1970s are described in both books. Keeping the stair 'smoke free' and protecting the escape route are core objectives of FDNY strategy.

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Fire Engineer's Manual


 This book is also for Fire Engineers, Architects, Building Control  Officers and Students looking for information on firefighting access,  smoke control systems and practical fire dynamics. 

There were 5,401 Fires


The largest research study of working building fires ever in the UK between 2009-2012, demonstrated that a greater quantity of water applied in the first 10 minutes following arrival results in less building fire damage.

'Locate - Confine - Establish and protect egress routes - Extinguish'



‘In situations where single exit stairs may become compromised by smoke as firefighters open up the fire compartment, the evacuation of the entire building above the fire floor, and possibly below it, may need to be prioritised. We need to do all  that is necessary to protect the escape routes at all costs’.
Paul Grimwood 2011